Javascript get firefox version

javascript get firefox version

This code fragment uses the "is_" variables defined by the sample JavaScript code below to check browser vendor and version and then conditionally evaluate. Detecting browser's details: var nVer = navigator. appVersion ; var nAgt = navigator. txt = " Browser CodeName: " + I need to get the version "Firefox/" only. You can see what the browser says, and use that information for logging or testing .. on the sislinghot.winent to find the Firefox version.


How to install FireBug and Execute JavaScript Codes in Mozilla FireFox

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This code creates a group of variables which indicate the browser's vendor, version number, JavaScript version, and operating system. Michael Bleidistel 71 1 1. No doubt you've heard of the Y2K bug, in which computer software not designed to handle years later than fails with errors in the year By posting your answer, you agree to the privacy policy and terms of service. I gave a brief description of what each feature is used for in the comments. The cookieEnabled property returns true if cookies are enabled, otherwise false:. What are you actually trying to accomplish? Stack Overflow Questions Developer Jobs Documentation beta Tags Users. I have made a script in ASP code to detect browser, browser version, OS and OS version. Stack Overflow Questions Developer Jobs Documentation beta Tags Users. In pure Javascript you can do a RegExp match on the navigator.

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Joc flaming hott Log In Sign Up. When writing conditional code forks, always keep forward compatibility with mathe spiele browser versions in mind! It would be very nice if you could update it. The script can be rewritten with different features, I chose ones I thought would be most useful, I would love for someone else to rewrite with other more useful features and post here, and compare results. A bug causing that Object.
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javascript get firefox version

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